Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Course

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Art of Technical Analysis is based on the believe that technical analysis is an art and science both. We have established ourselves as one of the premier platforms for analysis of equity/commodity/forex market based on purely technical levels. We are a team of highly qualified analyst and real-time traders, together we cater and deliver wealth creation and income generation services and also educate the traders on each and every step of his trading life.

Key Features 

      • Small Groups and direct personal interaction 
      • Use of Live case studies
      • Training of various charting software 
      • Free LifeTime Support 
      • Algo Trading Strategy 
      • Placement assistance 
      • Providing 100’s of Ebooks relate to Technical Analysis

Profile Of Trainer

Hemander Jain – Investment Manager & Trainer

He is the founder of Art of Technical Analysis having offices in India & Hong Kong. Hemander has over 10 years of experience as a senior investment manager with various Top stock broking companies and geneva based asset management company where he manages nearly $ 5 million asset under management. He holds degree in (Finance & control) and MBA in (Investment Management).

Placement Assistance

100% Placement Assistance. Tie up with Corporates and Research Houses

What You Will Learn?


  • Understanding the origin and history of Technical Analysis
  • Various Charts: Learn different types of charts like Line Chart, Candle and Bar Chart  to understand current market sentiments.
  • Dow Theory: Concept developed by Charles Dow and it is widely used to identify price trend in the market.
  • Support & Resistance: These are points where you can take an entry or exit. Put Stop Loss or take profit.
  • Chart Patterns: A chart Pattern can be used to identify saturation points, breakout or changes in market sentiments to buy or sell. There are various chart patterns like cup and handle, double top & bottom and many more.
  • Trend Line: Price often travels ina trend and if you can draw correct trend line you can easily find out accurate breakout points.
  • Candlesticks Charts: Developed  by Japanese and you can use it to find out price reversals and gauge the market sentiments.
  • Gap Theory: Price gaps shows momentum in the market use it to find out reversals and trend identification in intraday. Gap trading in itself is a big business for traders.
  • Fibonacci Retracement: It’s a great tool to identify price retracements in the market

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  • Multi-Time Frame Analysis: Charts can be seen in various time frames like 5 Min, 1 Hour, Daily, Weekly. A multi-time frame analysis give you a better view of bull and bear market and trend reversals.
  • Open Interest Analysis: Open interest in relation with price and volume can give you better idea of liquidity in the market. it can help you in understanding major market moves.
  • Multi-Moving Averages: Applying multi-moving averages can give you clear trend direction, support & resistance and reversal points.
  • Combining Indicators: Various indicators can be combined to get more accurate entry and exit points. You’ll learn how to create your own indicators using various other indicators.
  • Creating Trading system: You’ll learn how to create your own trading system based on various indicators and time frame.
  • Demand and Supply Zone: Improvise your trading by identifying the meaningful demand and supply zones


  • Understanding Emotional Behavior: it helps in understanding your trading styles and helps in controlling your emotions.
  • Risk Management: These tools can be used to limit your risk in the market.
  • Money Management: Traders loose their capital due to lack of knowledge of effective money management in their trade.
  • Developing Your Own Trading Plan: Most people lose money in the market because you don’t have a trading plan. They trade just like that.


  • Trading Styles: Scalping, Intraday trading techniques, swing/positional trading
  • Chart Based Strategies: Strategies based on Renko Chart, Kagi Chart and Candlesticks
  • Special strategies on Nifty and BankNifty for intraday and positional

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